Thursday, July 12, 2012

Venus Conjunct Uranus Helio, dominant cycle in Gold stocks

Above is GG ..the Venus conj Uranus Helio which is shown to be the dominant planetary pair for precious metals stocks, i always look at Venus and its relation to Uranus throughout the year to see where we are in the cycle..The conjunction will happen on Aug can see that GG will crash with a 9 to 2 loss/win ratio..afterwards it has a 9 to 2 win ratio...not shown..

Here SSRI has a 16 to 0 win ratio with phenomenal upside after the conjunction..Silver stocks are extremely dangerous ....

The conjunction has the highest % consistent effect on $XAU then all other aspects..the opposition is 9 wins /5losses..but the conjunction is a clear winner betting against this is insanity..the Dow is effected by this also..dropping 400pts in the one month period leading into conjuction..and of course rising by same amount after conjunction