Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Venus front 120 Trine to Jupiter could spell crash

I ran the software for the DOW for last 70 years..
1930 to the top image.. We are currently at 8 degrees before perfect 120 trine..venus moves about 1.3 degrees a day...the next 10 days could be a crash..

The bottom image is from 1998 to 2007..

Venus and Jupiter are known as the benefics..
when they are propitious the markets respond favorably...the bottom image is a perfect example of astrology's good and bad aspects...notice that the at 60 degrees the markets march higher...favorable the square of 90 degrees there is a crash...good or bad aspect? Bad! now you are getting the hang of 120 a favorable aspect or not? Markets are high but crash after the fear the opposition at 180 but after the fear of opposition markets march higher into the back 120 trine...or the back square of 270 ..another square, markets crash....and from last sextile to conjunction this is basically noise..and can be disregarded...

Now granted if you have ever worked with a spectrum analyzer for electronics you know that a composite signal is made from the sum of all individual signals...and more analgous is the piano...
when say a C is played with its fifth G...the 2nd harmonic of C and 1st of G create an individual tone that could be tuned at the G above G..

The point is Mars, Earth and Venus, Mercury all have their waves being generated...but i think Venus Jupiter is the most major of all waves...