Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gold Prediction

Bottom is December 1..

Here is a chart of the gold prediction...basically it adds how Mars acted against the other planets for last 30 years ...makes a chart of say Mars at every degree through cycle in relation to Jupiter..then does this for Mars vs Saturn sums this to the Mars-Jupiter sum..and continues with all other Mars-Uranus, Mars-Neptune, Mars-Pluto, Venus-Mars and Mars through the signs and also Earth as it moves in relation to mars....this can be viewed in a Helio centric model...

A composite is made for this sum and a correlate is generatedand projected into the future..It has called some pretty good turning points...but it has been wrong before and will be wrong in the future...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mars Front Square to Saturn in the $XAU

One of the major aspects in marking bottoms in Gold Shares is Mars vs Saturn.
In the top image, I have attached each instance of Mars at 90 degrees in front of Saturn..that usually marks a significant bottom for the shares of NEM..
In the bottom image, the cycle of Mars to Saturn is shown..
It is noteworthy that the bottom is(if all instances summed) at 90 degrees in front of Saturn exactly and usually moves up through 180 opposition and tops at the back 120 Trine...note the 90 degree bottom, not 88degrees, nor 75 degrees which are useless degrees in astrology but exactly 90 degrees a extremely significant angle for astrologers...90 degrees is a tension that needs to be resolved.. 180 degrees and 0 degrees are more important than 90, however...

Interesting Video showing herky-jerky movements of astronauts supported by wires simulating Lunar gravity is found at 1:25min of this video...

Look at this image, the guy is completely off balance and if you look at this video you'll see that he should have fallen if it had not been for the wires supporting him and his heavy pack..and note also that he is all out of breath carrying a 200lb pack..this is the moon where "weight" is 1/6 that of Earth and thus 200lbs is 30lbs...

As the great WC Fields says:

Americans aren't ignorant they just know things that ain't so..


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Moon and the Stock Market

I've posted some of the moon signatures for stocks or stockgroups for the timeframe of 2004 to mid 2006..

My software will sum/subtract gains during the phases of the Moon..note for example that Phillip Morris the safest of the safest indice rises at full moon ...this is consistent with the fear of the feminine side..people rush to safety and big MO
is safety..during new Moon they get more risky and buy the QQQ...