Thursday, January 26, 2012

Silver Falling Bullish Wedge

Silver...SLV..has moved out of wedge...thick blue lines...once out of will move the height of wedge..we can see height is 13.50$ its projected target you add this 13.5 to break out at get roughly 42$...simple..
I'd put the odds of this happening at 66%..there are failures no doubt about..definitely take favorable moons on buy side..1 week before New moon to New Moon..i think is best trade

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mars 120back Venus helio

Venus approaching 120degrees from the back to Mars from heliocentric view of universe..has an incredible track record..i recommend buying as much as you can here..Typical with ratios are 13:3 wins:losses..With arrow on image shown, i've highlighted the up period..looking at image from mid Nov to Jan 12 the same thing happened on downside...12losses to 4 wins..This stock is SSRI ..but all gold/silver stocks exhibit this behavior, silver stocks move 2x what gold stocks move..FRO DNDN HL all exhibit this win ratio behavior..this i think is very big..cant believe ARch Crawford isnt closing shorts here..