Friday, September 08, 2006

Neanderthal and Moon Worship

The only way I think anyone would ever entertain the idea of reading a book like this, is that said person has broken free from the shackles of our education system...

I don't remember who made the following statement..

Don't let all your education get in the way of your learning..

This book is that rarefied air...that we all need.. This brings together such diverse topics as the demonization of the number 13, the myth of a year and a day and why it is in so many fairy tales...makes understandable why the Kennewick Man found in Washington State has been suppressed...the many neanderthal cave paintings in France dating from 50000 years ago and their incredible technique, orthodoxy doesn't even allow for the fact that Neanderthal could speak... this book looks beyond the genesis of our quotidian religious beliefs that center around a Saviour sacrificed and resurrected, christianity, dionysian cults and Zorastriasm to see that these Sun Cults were actuallly of a much later date and that these Sun-Worship religions/cults were superimposed on a much older Moon-Worship cults..

As a kid the fact that Easter is the first Sunday after the Full Moon after vernal equinox always bothered me. Why?

This incongrous fact sitting in the middle of the livingroom, is what basically set me on this journey to find out what religion was really all about..When I was 9, I realized religion was nonsense, but couldn't worshippers see that religion was a means to control the masses..As George Carlin so eloquently says..

Politicians hide behind three things: the flag, the Bible and Children..

George Carlin

Easter, on closer examinatin is Eostre, the AngloSaxon goddess of spring, so the orthodox Church brought this into the fold as a way of pacifying the Nature worshippers..but finally Easter is Sun Worship grafted onto Moon Worship.. The 13 comes from Moon worships as there are 13 sidereal lunations of 28 days giving 364 for a year..and thus the year and a day fairy tales...Moon moves 13 degrees a day..The 13 paradigm of astrology with a Leader and his 12 assistants ..early christian/church elders needed to get people away from the adoration of the moon and its 13 lunations thus they demonized it with "unlucky 13"..why on earth would lower mammals come into estreus only seasonly where man would sync up with up the new moons....Jesus and his 12 disciples, Arthur and his 12 knights...its all here.. Throw everything you've ever learned about anthropology, archaelogy and psychology out the window and perhaps start to wonder why this info has been suppressed...

Moon Weather

Mainstream Media can't even get the weather straight!

I thought with the all the nonsense 24/7 war propaganda and diet commercials/for a problem the created with corn syrup/aspartame that at least they haven't mucked with the weather!...but then again maybe they had!

I came upon the idea myself..thinking ok..every fisherman knows to fish when moon is on the horizon..and ideally when sun and moon are both on horizon..then i learned that female deer come into estreus(they ovulate exactly on this Full Moon) on the Hunters' Full Moon 4-6 weeks after autumnal equinox and one should hunt on the night on this Full Moon because the bucks will search for females... and even clams moved from Massachusetts to Aquariums in Chicago in a dark room will eventually open up to the magnetic effects of Moon passing local Chicago and moon influence on Ocean tides are self evident..

Maybe the weather I thought.. The Moon moves around the Earth and has its also has a very important perigee/apogee phase that will augment/attenuate the effects of present moon for instance right now August 12th 2006 it is one of the chilliest few days i can ever remember for early August in eastern USA ...what is going on?

The Moon is full or a little past full..but we are at perigee(moon closest to Earth) which has a cycle of 27days..note, although perigee and Full Moon are now in phase gradually the perigee will then rotate and accentuate say first quarter then New, additionally the perigee cycle moves counter to the progression of moon through Zodiac, it takes roughly 1 year for a perigee Full moon to be in sync again....moving 30 degrees "backwards" through the Zodiac.

So for Aug 12, we basically have maximum Full Moon Weather effect.. At apogee Full Moon the effect is less pronounced...As you can see the size difference between perigee/apogee disc size is pronounced..

Ken Ring say that the Moon brings the atmosphere/humidity along with her as she orbits the Earth.

So the atmosphere(he likens it to a blanket) is on the far side of the basically the heat that was thrown down on Earth during day easily penetrated the lowered amount of atmosphere and heated Earth up quickly but it was like Las humidity to hold heat, but once the sun left the sky the coldness of space was allowed to come down and drop temps to record low temps for August... generalizing for sake of brevity..1st and Last quarter moons are an avg of the sticky New Moon with humidity/atmosphere on Sun side of Earth and the dry/cool Full Moon..but Last quarter has more lightning storms as moon is in front of Earth as Earth orbits Sun ..the moon creates a wake of electrical disturbances as it pioneers a path breaking the Solar wind for the Earth behind it(like a speedboat breaking suface tension on lake)that are discharged to the ground on Earth... and precipitation happens when the Moon is not in the sky..e.g., at Full if moisture is about due to local evaporation/condensation over mountains, will happen from 6am 6pm..likewise at last quarter if it is to rain, it will rain after 12noon to 12 midnight... hurricanes happen Full to last quarter as the moons' declination rises from the southern latitudes up into the Northern bringing all that equatorial moisture.. ever wonder why spring has so much rain? if you look at the data major rainperiods cluster around New Moons in April May and June as the Moon and Sun have their highest declinations happening at same time, valid only for continental climatic areas(West Coast USA not as true).. a terrific book ...i recommend for anyone searching a greater truth! I am going to plan my trips to Brazil or Argentina with declination of Moon in mind...!

google Fintan Dunne and Ken Ring and listen to his Audio interview...