Monday, November 12, 2007

Mercury Conj Saturn heliocentrically

All stocks that are sensitive look like the following. XAU(which this is),EWZ, brazil, KF, Korea, all get freaked out by conjunction of Mercury and Saturn..Merc has period of 88 called the bottom in XAU Aug 16..when it was previously conj Saturn heliocentrically..conjunction happens 3 am on Wednesday November 14, and as mercury moves should move 6 % in 10 days and then the effect is over..

Monday, November 05, 2007

Call of the year

My prediction, made on Aug 10th, was that the week of August 12 th would be a turn window for the XAU, the gold stock index..meaning a change in direction would occur..and boy what a turn..
Bottoms are easier to call than tops..

I spent most of August understanding video making ..and here is my video composite of Massachusetts..