Friday, March 18, 2011

Impulse Pivots

A class i paid 1500$ to attend..If you can find an impulse A leg..that takes out 2 prior, lookback, peaks..there is a 70% chance it makes it to top target..if impulse A takes out 3 priors 77%, if impulse A takes out 4 near 93% chance it will reach its target often in spectacular fashion..

XAU annual cycle..Aries is March 22..
Blue line is using 20years of data..
Red line is using last 2 years of data

Forecast of XAU using mercury's 59 day helio orbit and lunar cycle combined..9 wins 4 typical..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impulse Targets

This is that seminar I took in NYC a few years back
with Rick Ackerman.. If an impulse wave takes out 2 or better 3 (look back ) peaks it gives projection can see 2 coincide with the 12300 area on DIA..