Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flouride as cancer causing agent

Above is image of declining incidence of decayed teeth per decade before introduction of flouride in you can see it was already declining..reminds me of innoculation against polio..

Informative video on Flouridization

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

VENUS vs Outer Planets on XAU

Using J subimage we see that venus is approaching a back 120 Trine to Uranus, heliocentrically. This planetary pair is the most correlative to XAU, and its whole cycle is represented by subimage G. It reaches exact back 120 trine on June 16(note 2nd Triangle in subimage G, its bottom in cycle). Sub image H is Venus versus saturn front 90 square...The perfect square happens on Jun 24. Venus versus Jupiter in Subimage I shows that for the 30 degrees before conjunction that XAU moves higher throughout the sequence.

Quick Note..Subimage A is Venus versus Pluto it bottoms as venus is 60 degrees before Pluto. It is positive for next 3 months.

Subimage B is shown to show that Venus vs Pluto in Geocentric mode is of no use and is considered astronomical models using Geocentric models are noisy..and have no predictive value..

Subimage C is Ven versus Neptune..note the sideways infinity sign correctly called april 15 top

and this cycle has been positive since may 29..

subfigure D is Mars vs Venus..the opposition(sideways infinity sign) marked top april 15..we are currently at perfect 120 back trine...which is usually the end of this cycle..

Anotherwords gold..Gold has a major turn window June 16 to June 24..Primary Cycle VenUranus bottom is June 16..and VenMars, no longer negative, is at least neutral for a few weeks turns positive jul 10..Venus Saturn assists on June 26..and the oppression of Jupiter opposition Sun loses its effect on whole market on June 24..This JupiterSun opposition is what caused whole market to tank starting June 5th..

Monday, June 04, 2007

Moon moving across natal planets

Above, are the natal charts for LMT and CELG (when these stocks 1st traded on New York Stock Exchange). Below these natal charts is price as a function of moon movement through the zodiac signs, I have used about 4 years of lunar data. For LMT, one can see that at 28 Capricorn, the price of LMT falls abruptly until the pt of 28 Capricorn. Saturn is known as the major malefic. But since it is in the sign that shows the power of Saturn, i.e., Capricorn, its power can take over this chart. Jupiter is conjunct(at same pt) as Saturn so there is a major weakness here at this point in LMT chart.

The second Chart is CELG, I think NASDAQ stocks show the power of astrology best as NASDAQ stocks don't pay dividends and are more emotionally driven. As you can see below its birthchart is the price movement as the moon moves through signs. It has a major weak point at Sagitarrius 27. Looking at its chart it has 3 major malefics(bad guys) whose avg point is 23 degrees Sagitarrius. Now if you look to Jupiter at Aries 28, we see that, the 3 malefics Saturn Uranus and Neptune are now Trine the power of Jupiter. This combination of 3 bad guys plus Jupiter(a sort of magnifier of points at 28 degrees of Fire(Sag, Leo and Aries) is enough to cause the weakness. We see that the weakest point is 28 Sagitarrius..

Stocks that have at least 3 planets bunched around one point in zodiac will definitely exhibit this behavior. If planets are spread out, then no movement will be observed as it will appear to be just "noise".

In these price movements, since the moon is a rather a minor mover of things, price would tend to oscillate only about 4% from top to bottom of pricerange. Mars and Venus can move it 10-20% across these same zodiac points.