Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Major Turn Dec 21

From the Sun ..this is what our solar system looks like..both the Earth and Mars are opposing big Jupiter and psych case instability Pluto..Venus ruler of gold and beauty is weakened by its opposition to Genius Uranus..this is maximum instability and fear in is gonna get better

Monday, December 17, 2007

Spectrum Analysis of XAUand Sum of 5 most Impt Cycles

Every Gold Bug wants to know..if they are about to shake and baked by Federal Reserve..the enemy of the People..

Every Electrical Engineer will look at the Spectrum Analysis...and see if there is a message about the components that make up waveform which in this case...we will be examining the XAU, the gold shares composite..I have noted
which cycles are important from a planetary perspective..the 2 year cycle, I thought the 2year had to do with Mars and the Sun..but clearly here it is a battle between Mars and Saturn..other faster cycles are 2nd harmonic of Mercury and Sun Helio, viewed from Sun..and another is 4th harmonic of Jupiter and Sun, heliocentrically..

In the following image I add the 5 most important cycles and make a composite ignoring any cycles that do not add significantly to the final waveform...

As you can see in individual cycles below the long green cycle topped around October this is saying that gold should be in a holding pattern until next green cycle trough which will be Oct can see the blue 106day cycle will peak around January 10..and should be a top for gold shares for awhile...since the blue 106day cycle is the most would be wise to stay on the side of this cycle ignoring all other cycles...

Just a note on why I switched from astrology based that I missed calling the top November i continued to search why i didn´t call the top..basically there was an inversion of the Venus Opposite Jupiter..normally this would cause a bottom..but since XAU was already very high it was possible an inversion might happen...and it I lost a lot of my inability to call a top was why i switched to fixed cycles and spectrum I remember fondly my EE studies at UCONN..and the power of spectrum analysis..

Here is final image for financials the XLF..i think we are bottoming unbelievably..but what is happening with the likes of Citigroup...this feels like a bottom doesn´t it..

Here are the Semis ...SMH

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Real Four Gospels

Matthew lists twenty-eight generations from David to Jesus, while Luke tabulates forty-three. According to John Jesus visited Jerusalem at least four times, but the Synoptics (Mark, Luke and Matthew) assure us that he journeyed to that city only once. As to the length of Jesus’ ministry the Synoptics say one year, but John says at least 3 years. From the Synoptical account, we gather that the savior carried out his work chiefly in Galilee. But John informs us that Judea was the principle theatre of the ministry of Christ - John G. Jackson (Pagan Origins of the Jesus Myth)

The Book of Mark
This is the Book of Mars. Mark comes from Martian or Mars. As we said the disguises are rather thin, because it was originally never meant to be too cryptic.

The "Fourfold" Shiva. Four arms and crossed legs suggest the same mysterium as the "Crucifixion" of Christ.
It was the same as so many other stories that are common all over the planet and which are autonomous creations of the human being as he seeks to comprehend the enigmas of existence. Mars was a well-known planet and archetype. It is the ruler of the sign Aries. So the Book of Mark is, in zodiacal terms, the BOOK OF ARIES. And this makes perfect sense as Aries is the first house of the zodiac and is the place of rising of the sun at Easter or at the spring equinox. We even get terms like "arise and shine," from the Aries house, as this is literally where the orb of day does arise and shine. The house of "arising" is Aries. Aries is in the month of April. April comes from the word Aperio, meaning, I open. This is because April opens the year. Aries is the sign that is ruled by the Ram. In Christian art we see one of the 4 Evangelists symbolized by a Bull. This is also to do with Mark/Aries, because both Aries and Taurus are constellations or houses on the Eastern horizon. They are the eastern signs always seen in the sky together. And in ages past the symbols connected to both these signs were very pervasive and important. Christ is often depicted carrying a lamb, or in nativity scenes, a small lamb is often seen.