Thursday, February 05, 2009

XAU:Venus vs Uranus click financial forecast.. has run all planetary aspects..

there is a big drop from feb 10th to feb 23th on alphees graphs

and i ran the tests on what happens when venus crosses Uranus can see from L
graph that the drop happens at 20degrees past the conjunction of the 2..and the effect dissipates at 35 degrees past the conjuction..

But the moon is favorable in this period..the moon has about 1/5 the power of the planetary aspects like the one above..if trading only with moon you win 14 times lose 11 times..
this graph is from 2006 and 07 excluding the crash of 2008 which skewed the data..rea ding this table the xau generally bottoms a little past first gibbous 140 degrees or so