Thursday, October 13, 2011

XAU activity with various Moons

You will need to look up what are Earth, Fire, Water and Air signs..their defs..

Since precious metals are in to put money here..although extremely volatile..the Moon can aid one in putting on trade..

Full Moons can be a bottom for gold stocks..XAU
Water Moons will rise with 7.5 to 6 win ration after Full..

Air Full Moons will crash 3% into Full with 19to 12 down/up ratio..Meaning Sun in Air signs and the opposite the Sun.

Fire and Earth moons do absolutely nothing
15 days before to 10 days after..absolutely nothing happens so ..not useful..dont put on trades with moon in Fire or Earth ..unless it is Water or Air Moon..meaning Sun is in Water or Air ..and the moon is 180 opposite at Full..Only then put on a trade..

Earth Moons actually rise into Full..10days before Full to 12 days after there is a 7.5 to 6 up/down ratio..

Water Moons are best and avg 4% after Full Moon holding 10days..

Stock System

The 1st and 2nd Derivative system is what I knew in 2002 and was decision to dump everything..pretty wise..but very basic..

The New Moon level is a nice support try to buy on support and sell at resistance..
200 day moving avg..should be bought in is often scary as Wallstreet in shaking the tree and having the market crash..but buyers will appear at 200moving day avg..