Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Moon price act as Support

For some unknown reason the price of a stock, GDX, at New Moon will act as major support to the stock..you should put buy orders down there and they'll get executed..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gann Calls Dow Top

Gann Box from Ensignsoftware is movable sizeable object that the user can move to certain key turning points and resistance..and then Gann projects the completion with the giveninputted data points
Important in Gann theory to favor .5 lines over other Gann ratios like 3/8, 5/8 6/8 etc..

Starting with March 09 bottom..and aligning Gann Box with May 5th resistance..and 2nd resistance that starts June 15th..and insuring that the turn point is July 9th 2009..you get the 11250 target on the DOW..for March 31 target date..

Conspiracy theorists have cried that the May 5th 1000 pt collapse in dow was caused by Wallstreet..NO..this is the edict of Gann ...When times meets price..that is it the move is over..and all bids basically get pulled...I could post a bunch of different stocks that show the show the same effect that had met their price and just collapsed..like 40% Cresy is one..