Thursday, October 13, 2011

XAU activity with various Moons

You will need to look up what are Earth, Fire, Water and Air signs..their defs..

Since precious metals are in to put money here..although extremely volatile..the Moon can aid one in putting on trade..

Full Moons can be a bottom for gold stocks..XAU
Water Moons will rise with 7.5 to 6 win ration after Full..

Air Full Moons will crash 3% into Full with 19to 12 down/up ratio..Meaning Sun in Air signs and the opposite the Sun.

Fire and Earth moons do absolutely nothing
15 days before to 10 days after..absolutely nothing happens so ..not useful..dont put on trades with moon in Fire or Earth ..unless it is Water or Air Moon..meaning Sun is in Water or Air ..and the moon is 180 opposite at Full..Only then put on a trade..

Earth Moons actually rise into Full..10days before Full to 12 days after there is a 7.5 to 6 up/down ratio..

Water Moons are best and avg 4% after Full Moon holding 10days..

Stock System

The 1st and 2nd Derivative system is what I knew in 2002 and was decision to dump everything..pretty wise..but very basic..

The New Moon level is a nice support try to buy on support and sell at resistance..
200 day moving avg..should be bought in is often scary as Wallstreet in shaking the tree and having the market crash..but buyers will appear at 200moving day avg..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

$SPX to 980

Rick Ackerman's pivot say we got 12% more to general market...

Monday, June 06, 2011

New Moon gains

Running the software of last 5 years on XAU..we see that if you buy 7 days before New Moon..and sell 2 day'll get 2% per New moon..with a 40win/26loss ratio.
Not shown the downside..if you dont sell XAU at NewMoon will lose 37 times and win 28 times over the 10subsequent best to sell at New moon..

Now, 2% is boring eh? Well play more volatile silver shares..and you see you'll gain 5% per new moon with and incredible 19 to 3 win ratio..This study was done over last 2 years where silver went parabolic...over last 10 years ssri would go up 3% every new moon with a more in line ratio as XAU above..

June 8..bottom in metals?

Arch doesnt mention why june 8th might be down hard..and a potential bottom..but Venus crossing Mars Helio..after that the affliction to venus is over and Gold could soar..i put it at 68% chance up

Monday, May 16, 2011

Venus Opposition Saturn

Xau graph is shown..demarcated is all Venus 180 saturn Helio for last 7 can see a lot of crashes are included in this astrological aspect..
Upper left hand corner says if you buy the exact oppositon you will win 11 lose 6 ..for avg gains of 6%..

May 29th is opposition ..last 5 of 7 times there's been a crash..will it crash into the 29th..?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Combination of Gann structure with Rick Ackerman's impulse pivots..

Moon signal sell 1st quarter...negative til 1 week before New moon..then slightly positive til New Moon..Redline is 2 year summation ..purple and Green colors of graph are summation of last 20 years...

I would short INTC til 3 days before last gibbous..
or target reached at 18.43

SLV to 43.2 then collapse

Using Gann box moveable sizeable tool from Ensign..

Price movements up and down, moving according mathematical relations of Gann show a target of 43.2..then i would think a collapse down to 36..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Impulse Pivots

A class i paid 1500$ to attend..If you can find an impulse A leg..that takes out 2 prior, lookback, peaks..there is a 70% chance it makes it to top target..if impulse A takes out 3 priors 77%, if impulse A takes out 4 near 93% chance it will reach its target often in spectacular fashion..

XAU annual cycle..Aries is March 22..
Blue line is using 20years of data..
Red line is using last 2 years of data

Forecast of XAU using mercury's 59 day helio orbit and lunar cycle combined..9 wins 4 typical..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impulse Targets

This is that seminar I took in NYC a few years back
with Rick Ackerman.. If an impulse wave takes out 2 or better 3 (look back ) peaks it gives projection can see 2 coincide with the 12300 area on DIA..

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Aug 20 1987 ..perfection in the World

The top in stockmarket before it all unraveled.

Note Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were trining(120degrees)Jupiter...14degrees out of perfect Trine for Saturn and Jupiter..but damn close..
All all the triggers, Mars Venus Sun and even smaller impacting Mercury and the Moon came together for the perfect Trine ever recorded.
Pluto was sextiling another favorable aspect, but lesser so..
This folks, is perfection...Trines everywhere..everything in harmony..And then it falls apart..
This is why they sent Voyager 2 out there..Saturn Uranus and Neptune all in a line..for the flyby for the ages.