Monday, June 06, 2011

New Moon gains

Running the software of last 5 years on XAU..we see that if you buy 7 days before New Moon..and sell 2 day'll get 2% per New moon..with a 40win/26loss ratio.
Not shown the downside..if you dont sell XAU at NewMoon will lose 37 times and win 28 times over the 10subsequent best to sell at New moon..

Now, 2% is boring eh? Well play more volatile silver shares..and you see you'll gain 5% per new moon with and incredible 19 to 3 win ratio..This study was done over last 2 years where silver went parabolic...over last 10 years ssri would go up 3% every new moon with a more in line ratio as XAU above..

June 8..bottom in metals?

Arch doesnt mention why june 8th might be down hard..and a potential bottom..but Venus crossing Mars Helio..after that the affliction to venus is over and Gold could soar..i put it at 68% chance up