Saturday, January 20, 2007

Faces in Astrology



FACIAL Characteristics...

Air signs have generally have thin upper lips.. are thinner..have square bigger shoulders that don't have muscles..tend to be 5'4 to 5'7...and are the most attractive..longer limbs, legs and arms are about 25% longer..but thin

Geminis high cheekbones..slightly hooked nose..not weak chins as all Air and Fire signs do not have weak chins.. least Masculine looking sign...ambidextrous..very quick comebacks verbally

Libra have best proportioned noses and facial characteristics in general...chin is not as elongated as Aquarius or cheeks not as pronounced as Gems..

Aquarius...kinda of a leathery look to their skins..carole king when younger is a nice Aq look...I posted 3 Aquarius..


Fire Signs have the distinctive blockish face...thin lips as all Masculine signs do..are more muscular than Air..Find a photo of Amelie Mauresmo, tennis player, and think total Fire..

Aries are the strongest athletes..Sagitarrius most agile athletes...Aries has nose below equator of face..and often has widows peak...most tomboyish of all and likes to hang with guys..if widow's peak and bigger at 5'7 have to guess Aries..particulary with thin upper lip

Leos have noses above equator of face, are freckly as are Gems tends to wrinkle earliest with Leos and most of all they actually look like Lions..

Sagitarrius have the best lives and most fun to be around ...are optimistic blending beauty of Libra and intensity of Scorpio for great fun..tend to have big strong legs like horses..small breasts..are travellers, and lawyers as are alot of fire signs..height of Fire signs is similar to Air signs..and best eye hand coordination for Fire athletes

Celtic Women

Orla Falloon,right, Gemini..note high cheekbones..and masculine height..Lisa Kelly, middle, definitely Feminine sign..Pisces/Taurus maybe Cancer..feminine rounding of facial features..Meav, the blonde, is a great example of Sagitarrius..big hips like a horse..smaller breasts..but still a knockout..strong chin..maybe venus conj Sun..Taurus have the best voices..



Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Feminine signs are smaller than Masculine signs, less athletic have more weight...Water signs use less makeup than Earth..Earth uses the most makeup..all Feminine signs tend to be 5'1 to 5'5..

Water likes to live within their emotions, books and music...Earth loves to look terrific and enjoy earthly external pleasures of this world, their house and food.

Feminine signs have fuller, larger(top to bottom) top lips..smaller feminine curved shoulders more feminine curvy bodies than Masculine signs. All feminine signs have weak chins(smaller relative to a median face.)

Cancers have a lot of forehead like Gems..I have difficulty separating Gems and Cancers..deciding factor for me is full lips of cancer..and pronounced cheekbones of Gem a la Courtney Cox..

Scorpio are darker can have widows peak, but will have much smaller shoulders than Aries..often wears dark clothes..can be buxomy..Taurus has best breasts..Scorpio 2nd

Pisces...slightly hooked nose..looks a bit like Aq...can have the best colored eyes..pointy chin but oftne extremely weak chin..can be reddish..if she has any planets in Aries..Fire signs can be redheaded...Pisces can suffer from Aquarius androgynous look or feel...eyes are bigger in proportion to face than any other sign a la Liza Minelli...Tough to make correct call on Pisces...


Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Earth signs use the most makeup and knock themselves out to be attractive...

Taurus loves her house and possessions and cooking and likes the football type guy, are the chefs of zodiac...has eyes set wide apart from average face..can look like a Bull..can have thinnnest upper lip of Fem signs as is close to Aries and their thinnest lips of zodiac...can wear silvery bracelets...loves material stuff...great nose..not hooked perfectly centered...

Virgo...Oval face slightly hooked nose..Virgo and Taurus tend to be the sign of waitressess, secretaries and beauticians, guess Virgo then Taurus on Waitresses..pointy chin...has an eye for perfection..can be weighty and suffer psychwise if weight not under control..very efficient worker..Taurus and Virgo most likely to change color of hair..and their bodies.. the easiest face to see of any far..I think I have guessed correctly 10 in a row Capricorn faces...large distance between top of lip and bottom of nose, thin upper cranial in face with wider lower jaw area...can be tall for Femine sign..5'8 so is an exception to Earth and Water being short...spiritual on practical plane of status, home and family, probably number 1 natural medicine healer and massage therapist...can be seen travelling overseas she is not as extroverted as Sagitarrius but often has Sagitarrius planets...Mercury and Venus primarily ...Dido the singer is obviously a Capricorn. Elaine of Seinfeld can't be called, some signs can't be called, I've seen a powerful Mars in Aries totally change a Scorpio face..Elaine's face is a fire face on a small body..

On guessing a Woman's sign

Hardest signs to guess are water signs ...then Cancer Gemini sure to check if person was born in middle of sign ideally 2nd to 11 is highest hitrate(1 in 2.5 guesses)...secondarily 28th to 2nd, along with 12th to 16th(1 in 3.2) ..all cuspers you can't guess, you'll guess their Moon sign (1in 5.2)..Easiest is Capricorn, then the blockish Fire signs are obvious, Leos and Aries are pretty easy Air is distinctive with their thinness and longer limbs has celebrity photos classifying them into their Zodiac signs..The Book Sextrology has great physical characteristics of each sign..and note that Cancer through Virgo have 10.9 births to every 9 births of Sagitarrius through Pisces..all other signs 10 births..due to times of conception throughout year, yes people do get it on more often when its colder...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Venus conjuncting Malefics for Gold Prediction

Using Astrology in the Markets is problematic..first of it is completely illogical..

Jan 1 2007 is shown in the image to the left in HelioCentric mode(as seen as if one were standing on SUN)... many astrologers use GeoLongitude Mode..

One can see that Venus, a very big component of what moves GOLD market..was exactly conjunct Neptune and exactly opposite Saturn..this should be big...and it was gold peeked and tanked afterwards..the problem is if you add VEN conj Neptune to VEN opp Saturn..the results should continue higher for GOLD..but a conjunction like this is more a crucial turning point and one should watch for which way the move is...

Venus moves counterclockwise about a degree/day..guess where it was on Dec 1 2006 top..?
Right on another Malefic Pluto!..Malefics are Pluto, Nept Ur Sat and Mars.

I personally believe nothing will happen to might go lower actually until January 17th when SubFigure B and VEN conj Uranus is resolved..then we should go higher..